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Virtual Doula Package

From $89

Virtual Doula: CV

What is a Virtual Doula?


Are you considering having a birth professional to provide knowledge and expertise but you would also like to keep your birth space more intimate? Or perhaps you have questions or tips for postpartum but don't need someone physically present? Are you birthing outside of Singapore and liked what you see here? 

Our Virtual Doulas can fill these needs!

Virtual/Remote services mean that all communication happens via WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom. There is no hands-on support but over the years supporting hundreds of births, many couples have opted to have virtual support because all they needed was someone to assure them of their options or have someone guide them to the best resources. 

Full Spectrum Coverage


  • One 30min Consult (FREE!)

  • Two 60min Prenatal Sessions 

  • Labour and Birth Support from week 38-42

  • Two 60min Postnatal Sessions

Create your own package

From $89

  • 30 min call - $89

  • 60 min call - $139

  • Labour and Birth Support Only $1299

Pre/Postnatal Sessions

From $89

Prenatal Sessions:

During these visits, the doula will​​

  • discuss the client/partner’s birth options and preferences for labour and birth

  • Help with your birth plan writing process

  • offer suggestions and evidence based research and information

  • discuss use of medical interventions, options, risks and benefits

  • go through when and how to contact your doula

  • answer any other questions that the clients may have

It is essential that both the client and the partner attend the sessions.

Postnatal Sessions:

During these sessions, the doula will

  • provide emotional support

  • help with newborn care

  • breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/finger/syringe feeding

  • Tips and tricks to soothe/comfort the baby

  • Help with transitioning back to work (pumping, storage of milk, etc)

  • answer any other concerns/questions by providing evidence based information

  • referrals to professionals, if required

Labour & Birth Support Only


The Virtual Doula assigned to you will be on call from week 38-42, and will be available to support your questions up to one week after baby is born!

The Doula assigned will help with:

  • reminding your birth partner your birth plan

  • how can your birth partner support you during labour - comfort measures

  • answer any questions you or your birth partner might have

  • offer and explain different options

  • help suggest when might be the best time to go to the hospital or see a doctor

Get To Know Us

Meet Our Doulas

Catherine Soon

Birth & Postpartum Doula


Birth Doula

Leila Caceres

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Virtual Doula: Meet the Team
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