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Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Bring your babies too!

Prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. It is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. In other words, prenatal yoga can be a great way to prepare for childbirth. 

One of the most important benefits of Yoga during pregnancy is that it gives you the power to work through discomfort and reminds you that you have control over your body, as well as everything that is happening to you and around you. During pregnancy especially, that can be an empowering and welcome reminder. Aside from understanding the changes that are happening in your body, these classes also give advice on active birthing, optimal fetal positioning - from positions to movement to breathing. 

Other benefits includes:
* Improves sleep
* Better understanding and control of emotions
* Increases the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and after 
* Helps manage aches, discomfort, and other physiological complaints

* Bond with other pregnant women

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Cheyenne sees yoga as an an integral relationship that is built between the body, the mind, and the breath. She believes in creating a nurturing and safe environment for her clients - whether they are regular practitioners or beginners. With good knowledge of pranayama techniques and asanas, Cheyenne is always looking for innovative ways to create interesting sequences for her classes. She believes that teaching has enhanced her practice and her life, and looks forward to helping others develop themselves further through yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga
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