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Nutrition and Chiropractic Adjustments


Your body needs specific nutrients to support pregnancy hormones, as well as to develop your growing baby.  A personalised nutrition consultation can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, a smooth transition into postpartum, and sufficient milk supply.  

Learn which foods are best for you and your baby.



  • One (1)-hour comprehensive session with review of health history, goals, and dietary log

  • Written report with recommendations, provided within 3 days of session



  • Thirty (30)-minute session to provide continued support for lasting change

  • Written report with amendments, provided within 3 days of session

Nutrition consultation (for existing doula clients only)


  • 30-minute session of the best foods to eat during pregnancy for baby’s development, OR how to improve milk production and quality

*ImuPro food allergy screening available upon request.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care supports each woman’s unique needs, from relief of aches and pains to emotional wellness and a natural process of pregnancy and delivery.  Routine spinal checks and care ensure optimal biomechanics for pregnant mothers and her unborn child. Postpartum care is readily available for both mothers and infants.




A review of health history and goals, followed by spinal analysis and recommendations; MRI may be required at additional cost

*fee is waived if client commits to care plan



One (1) session of spinal analysis and correction

Care plan


Ten (10) sessions of spinal analysis and correction

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Dr. Katrina Gallagher was born, raised, and educated in the United States, where she obtained Doctor of Chiropractic and Master of Science Applied Clinical Nutrition.  Dr. Katrina has a passion for living well and eating well, which drove her to understand how both movement and food affects the body's healing and overall well-being.

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