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How did we Start

Empowering Parents One Birth at a Time

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Lemamasita started with Leila, an expectant mother in Singapore who found out early 2016 that her little one was stubbornly not turning head down in time for delivery.  Fierce advocates of natural birth, Leila and her husband began their journey, first trying to encourage the baby to turn.  Despite their best efforts including chiropractic sessions, acupuncture, spinning babies and more, their little munchkin just wouldn’t turn.  Faced with the choice of an elective C-section or a rare natural vaginal breech delivery, they researched day and night, met other women who had similar breech experiences, and ultimately switched doctors, intent on having a natural vaginal breech birth. 

The outcome? After months of struggle, research, sleepless nights, and stress they delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy, butt-first into the world.  It was a life changing experience for both parents and inspired Leila to begin the journey that would eventually drive her to start Lemamasita.  Only a few months after the birth of her son, Leila trained to become a DONA certified doula in Portland, Oregon USA.

Her initial passion to guide and comfort women along their birth journey as a doula turned into even more as she realized that so many pregnant women are either misinformed, have no idea what to expect, are completely unprepared for situations or complications that might arise during birth, or are simply afraid of the unknown.  Couples often have no idea how empowered they can be in the entire birth process if they know how to assert their rights, ask appropriate questions of their healthcare provider, and educate themselves about their choices.  Of course, the parenthood journey doesn’t end at birth and Leila and her husband experienced the first 100 days of parenthood in literal darkness; the fourth trimester that is so infamous. NO ONE told these new parents that it was going to be so tough. 

Lemamasita means the “little mom”.  We aim to help lend the same guiding hand to parents as a loving mother would to her children. This is more than a company, it’s a movement aimed at informing and educating expectant parents about their choices and preparing them for the struggles of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. 

We believe in empowerment through knowledge.  It’s not about prescribing a philosophy on to parents, but rather empowering parents to make their own choices. 

Natural birth, epidural, caesarean?  Breastfeeding or formula?  There is no right answer – each couple must make their own decisions. We simply aim to arm parents with the knowledge, awareness and resources to make the best decisions for themselves and their children and ultimately become empowered and fully confident to breeze through these amazing life-changing events!

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