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What We Offer

Lemamasita is a full service resource for all of your pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood needs.  We offer educational and doula support resources to best prepare you for the pregnancy and birth journey that awaits new parents. 

Additionally we partner with essential complementary services such as clinical nutritionists, yoga instructors, chiropractors and photographers, just to name a few, to provide for you antenatally and during the postpartum period.

Water Birth

Care. Information. Support.

Our professional Doulas offer emotional, physical and informational support throughout the prenatal,  birth, and postpartum phases of your pregnancy. 

We aim to help all parents have a positive birth and postpartum experience. We are dedicated to the belief that parents should have a freedom of choice and access to accurate information and resources as well as the right to be in control, feel respected and be heard.


Super Health Food

Birth with Confidence Lamaze Classes

To many, Lamaze is that funny breathing that every pregnant woman does in the movies, but in reality, it’s so much more. Lamaze is a proven method of managing childbirth and equips mother and partner to make calm, informed decisions.

Lamaze taps into the innate wisdom that women have about birthing their babies and aims to reframe the pain experienced in labour to be part of a normal, natural process.  Lamaze classes advocate normal birth, but are definitely not anti-epidural or intervention. You’ll learn about benefits, risks and alternatives to medication and intervention so that you can make informed decisions when you’re in labour.

Bottom line -- you’ll learn the latest, evidence-based information to help feel empowered to make the choices that are best for you.

Fitness for future mothers

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Yoga has been used for centuries prenatally and postnatally to encourage stretching, strengthening, mental centering and focused breathing. It has so many benefits for yourself and your baby.

Find out how prenatal yoga can be a great way to prepare for childbirth and a way for you to introduce working out almost immediately after the baby is born.

Get in touch and learn how we can help you today.

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Our Story

Empowering Parents, One Birth at a Time

Who is Lemamasita? (what does lemamasita mean?)

"Le" means “the” in French, it also means "happiness" in Chinese.

“Mamasita” means "little mom" in Spanish.

Lemamasita essentially means The Happy Little Mom, we are a team who believes in mothering the mother; the parents.

We aim to help lend the same guiding hand to parents as a loving mother would to her children. This is more than a company, it’s a movement aimed at informing and educating expectant parents about their choices and preparing them for the struggles of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.  We believe in empowerment through knowledge.  It’s not about prescribing a philosophy on to parents, but rather empowering parents to make their own choices.  Natural birth, epidural, caesarean?  Breastfeeding or formula?  There is no right answer – each couple must make their own decisions. We simply aim to arm parents with the knowledge, awareness and resources to make the best decisions for themselves and their children and ultimately become empowered and fully confident to breeze through these amazing life-changing events!

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What others say

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I decided only very late that I wanted the assistance of a doula for the birth of our first child. It was a truly wonderful experience because of Leila. I instantly connected with Leila and felt relief that she would be guiding us though the experience. Leila was full of energy throughout the long labor. She consistently had options for me to move into positions, first for comfort then to relieve pain and finally to help move baby to the correct station.

She encouraged me non-stop which was empowering and gave me the strength I needed to progress. Her guidance was invaluable.

Leila has impeccable intuition, strength and empathy. She made sure my choices were voiced though out the labour, I felt fully in control of the environment because Leila was there to support my choices and manage the interaction with the nurses.
Leila gave my husband an opportunity to be a real participant and empowered him to make a positive impact during the labour. Im so grateful that he also had a memorable and less than traumatic experience.
It's hard to express how grateful I am for the care Leila gave us. She will forever stay in my heart and I wouldn't dream of having another child without her present.

Mama Masha P Donnelly


Leila was a fabulous support not just to my wife but for me as the supporting husband.
It is hard to understand how much more at ease I was from the support Leila provided both of us.  The most important thing was that my wife was much relaxed than had it just been us.  And that’s great. But Leila also provided support to me: she suggested really useful things that I could be doing for my wife.  That was great - without having that experienced direction I think both of us would have been more stressed and worried. 

Leila’s experiences made me focus on relevant things that made a tangible difference to my wife. So instead of two left feet, I just had one right and one left.  Also, not to be underrated is that Leila did make sure I got some rest too.  Otherwise I might have just stayed up all night worrying about worrying. 

Having someone who can i) provide support and ii) make sure you are focused and rested is worth so much. That’s all very generally relevant for any doula but Leila was particularly amazing - very focused, very well briefed, very much working for us and consistently in a good mood - even after 30 hours! 

And it was her birthday.

Papa Thomas Donnelly

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 10.16.45.jpeg

When we met with Leila we had just experienced a shock with a Dr keen for induction and we realised we needed help to have the natural birth we wanted. Leila just made it happen for us.

Leila is absolutely amazing, not only did she support and help us create our ideal birth experience she also helped my husband be even more supportive through the process because he knew how to help. It made it a really special experience for both of us. Leila has an amazing capacity to be both fierce advocate and caring big hearted cheerleader. She was literally with me for every breath from start to finish. Her voice is the coach that got me through every contraction and made breastfeeding a joy. She's super caring, knowledgeable and confidence inspiring. I hadn't realised your doula is the only one caring for your wellbeing and birth end to end.

What would we have done without you Leila? Thank you for everything!

Carolynn Bae


Leila has both the motivating and gentle side to her personality that I found so helpful during our pregnancy journey. She was inquisitive about both our health and emotional well being. During our son's birth, she was on top of things and offered a voice of reassurance that gave way to our beautiful home birth experience. We couldn't have felt more guided about birth if it weren't for her help!

Jo-E Blanding


Leila joined my doula team at the eleventh hour, however she proved to be the anchor that kept me grounded throughout the delivery of my very first baby. I experienced a 'back labour' (where the baby is facing the wrong way, with the spine against mine), but Leila's continued support got me through my eight-hour labour without the need for any pain medication whatsoever. 

I will never forget her sweet angelic voice whispering in my ear, reminding me to relax my shoulders and breathe deeply during each contraction. She also held my hand, massaged my back, showered me, held me, and told me I could do it whenever I doubted myself. I held Leila's wee hand as my baby entered the world in the water, and she didnt even complain about how hard I must have squeezed her! We also laughed together once my baby was born, and Leila supported my husband and I as we entered our journey as new parents

Leila is an enormous person in a tiny and beautiful package. She is full of loving energy, which is exuded in her work and passion. I would not hesitate to recommend this gorgeous lady to any mother-to-be looking for a doula to support her in her labour and mothering journey. Don't be surprised too if she ends up becoming a good friend to you, as she has now become to me.

Angela/Neil Little

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-18 at 12.17.36.jpeg

Determined to have an amazing natural birth, I came to Leila for help. I was looking for someone who could understand me and my requirements, provide moral support and be there on the day! Leila was just the right person. 

Having her by my side during labor was a real blessing. Not only did she help me get in the right positions, but ensured I was well taken care of and all my requests were noted by the nurses. Thanks to her, I was at peace with myself, confident and calm on the inside, all of which allowed me to give birth the way I wanted. 

I’m very grateful to Leila and definitely want her to be there for the birth of the next baby.

Kate K.


"When you believe in something with all your heart, you'll find ways to make things happen" - Anonymous

Who is Leila?

Leila is a mom, doula, changemaker, avid baker, huge foodie and a wanderlust. She found her life's calling after the birth of her child - to be an advocate for birthing your way, in your own terms, and be supported in all the decisions you make every step of the way.

She aims to change how our culture feels and thinks about births and parenthood!

Meet her, talk to her and, let her energy inspire and motivate you!

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